i enjoy music

      boris, mr. bungle, deftones, converge, death grips, glassjaw,
      deafheaven, lil ugly mane, melt-banana, faith no more, hum,
      shygirl, daughters, portishead, liturgy and more

      please do not say i have male manipulator taste it's very rude
      here's my rym account

 i enjoy videogames

      burnt out tf2 player, keen on ' number-go-up ' games
      big on capcom: monhun, dmc, re, onimusha
      soulsborne enjoyer, very strong connection to those games
      lifestyle games rotate between destiny, path of exile and ff14

      here's my
backloggd account

      other than all that degen shit, i'm very keen on creative writing
      and occasionally making my own music if i'm feeling brave enough.